Client Reviews

I had a shoulder/back massage from Leigh and it was absolutely amazing! He made me feel really comfortable when preparing for the massage and was very respectful and professional when I was getting dressed. The whole experience with Leigh was so relaxing I would highly recommend coming to see him!

Jess - Reading

From working at a computer and sitting in the same position in an office every day,  I suffer from repetitive strain in my hand and body when I sit down. Leigh was able to massage it and remove the pain I experience day to day. Not only was it really relaxing - he also listened to me explain the issues I was having, and provided a solution! Thank you for all of your help Leigh!

Faye - Bracknell

I have been having massages by Leigh for quite some time now since breaking my tibial plateau in April, and I honestly can’t recommend Leigh enough. The massages have offered more range of movement that I lost from my injury, more comfort and less pain. 

If you’re thinking about having massages, don’t put it off, because the sooner you start them you’ll see the results. I would recommend Leigh to anyone who has suffered injuries, or someone who would just like a nice massage to relax, and get rid of knots! 

Leigh even went out of his way to learn more about my injury in his own time, to be able to offer me advice and the best possible massages, as it doesn’t only affect my knee. Very professional and flexible availability!

Naomi - Reading

I had never had an arm massage before but oh my goodness it was amazing, I now crave one daily. After every massage I felt like I was floating it was magical, Leigh made you feel comfortable, made sure you were comfortable and overall made the experience very nice and relaxing.

Hannah - Reading

I hadn’t played any physical sport in a while due to persistent injuries and general old age. Recently I’d started to participate in some light 5 aside football. Due to not playing for so long, I was often stiff after playing. I done a few sessions with Leigh who gave great massage on my hamstrings and lower back area. He also gave me some great advice and how to maintain some flexibility on other parts of my body. Im now playing football again on a more regular basis and I don’t feel I could have managed this without the light rehab and massage he done with me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who plays sport on a regulary or anyone coming back from an injury

Louis - Reading

I meet Leigh after a recommendation from a friend, after recovering from an accident, I was experiencing continued muscle soreness in my Hip and left rib area.

On my first consultation with Leigh he made me feel very comfortable, he started off by assessing the affected areas to identify the causes of the soreness.

Once this was identified Leigh began to work on the affected area, I found his approach very professional and knowledgeable whilst explaining everything that was going on, I didn’t realise us humans have so many muscles.

At the end of the session Leigh helped suggest some exercises and stretches I could do at home in-between my sessions with him.

Even though I haven’t fully recovered, with Leigh's expertise in this area I’m well on my way to being pain free.

I would Highly recommend him to anyone.

Mark -Staines

Leigh has been a god send for the club. Richard Bony left the club and he came in and treated various players to get them back on there feet, it's been a joy working with him and I hope he gets out there to help many others.

Marcus- Team Manager Flackwell Heath FC

Basingstoke, UK

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