About me

I am a dad of 3 wonderful children and have been living in the Basingstoke area for almost 2 years now.

I have spent most of my life being interested in sports and recovery of injuries. I studied sports science at Reading College and continued to develop my education with The Open University learning about

Sports Fitness and Management.

During these years I played rugby with my local club Aldermaston Rugby Football Club and fell in love with rugby. I'm sure you can appreciate in a contact sport injuries occur and I started to build an interest in the subject. Sadly I started to see our team Physiotherapist a lot more and decided maybe I could be of more use coaching and learning about the rehabilitation of injuries.

I decided to look into massage and the positive effects of the treatment. I had finally found what I wanted to do and that I could help people through massage both in rugby and in everyday life.

I studied with the Oxford School of Massage and graduated with a Level 5 B-Tec professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy.

Part of the course was to work with members of the public and to gain valuable experience.- I worked with friends, family and luckily had an opportunity to work with London Irish Football Club. This gave me an in-site into a premiership rugby club with international elite athletes and how the recovery is crucial in maintaining the athletes performance.

I have since worked with runners, football teams, office workers, mum's/dad's and people with injuries including people post operation.

I am a professional massage therapist that cares about you and what you need to achieve from the treatment. 

Rugby Game

Basingstoke, UK

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